To Introduce & Develop Zurkhaneh Sports all around the world.
To promote ethics & heroic values of Zurkhaneh Sports
To Strengthen Peace , Friendship & Cordiality among the Youths of the  world 

1- Zurkhaneh Sports Team Skills competitions
2- Zurkhaneh Sports Individual Skills competitions   
3- Qualification Recording in Individual Skills of Zurkhaneh Sports
4- Champion of Champions Competition 
5- Koshti Pahlevani “Heroic Wrestling” Competitions


Zurkhaneh Sports Technical Conditions for 
The 1st European Junior Zurkhaneh Sports Championship 

1.    Age of athletes
The athletes who want to participate in Koshti Pahlavani would have birth certificate that approve their age between 17 years old to 19 years old that will be 1st January 1991 to 31st December 1993. Younger age group athletes can participate in the competition if if doctor issue a permission for their participation in Meel Sangin, Sang and Kabbadeh. 

2.    Koshti Pahlavani Categories
Koshti Pahlavani (Heroic wrestling) would be held on 5 categories:
•    50-60 Kg.
•    60-70 Kg.
•    70-80 Kg.
•    80-90 Kg.
•    +90 Kg. 
Duration of the Koshti Pahlavani in the 1st four categories is a 4 minute time and for +90 Kg. category would be 5 minutes. 
    In the case of obtaining zero score at the end of legal time, in Preliminary and Semifinal rounds, both wrestlers will go to loser group. 
    In the case of equal with points, after 1 minute rest, they continue fighting for 2 minutes. 
    In case of obtaining equal scores in legal & extra time, immediately, the rule of Equal line, in the strength time would be done. 
    Other conditions would be done according to Senior’s Koshti Pahlavani Rules and Regulations.

3.    Zurkhaneh Sports Individual Skills
The Zurkhaneh Sports individual skills would be held in following disciplines: 
Sang, Kabbadeh, Meel Sangin (Heavy Meel), Meel Bazy, Charkh Teez & Charkh Chamani.
The weight of the sport equipments and duration of individual skills’ events are as follow:

    Sang Geeri would be performed in a 10 minutes time with a 30 Kg. pair of sang, 15 Kg. + 500g.  per sang.
    Kabbadeh would be performed in a 2 minutes time with a 12 Kg. + 500g. Kabbadeh.
    Heavy Meel would be performed with a 20 Kg. pair of Meel, 10 Kg. + 500g.per Meel.
    Meel Bazi would be performed Max in 7 minutes that 1 minute would be for break, with a 3 Kg.. pair of Meel, 1.5 Kg. + 150g per Meel.
    The Max time for Charkh Teez would be 45 seconds and for Charkh Chamani would be 120 seconds.
    Other conditions would be done according to Senior’s Zurkhaneh Sports Rules and Regulations.

4-     Athletes uniform
Zurkhaneh athletes would have Zurkhaneh trousers and t-shirts inserting their country  name in the back side. 
Every Koshti Pahlavani athlete would have 2 Singlet In two colors of Red and Blue inserting their name and their country name in the back side and also they would have wrestling shoe.
IZSF will distribute Zurkhaneh and Koshti Pahlavani trousers among those athletes who participate for the first time in the event. Other athletes would have their trousers. 

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